About us

This is the official S4-Photo project of the S4 Community! – Social networks are a hot topic of conversation and almost everyone is using them, in a wide variety of different ways. You can connect with friends and acquaintances as well as business partners and find people that you perhaps lost contact with years ago.


...the fair community / www.social4.com

The first free, no-subscription fee community that shares its success … with all of its users!

You will find the traditional tried and tested aspects of a community in combination with 4 additional, specially protected user groups.
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Why S4

The users of S4 don’t have to do without everything that a classic community already offers. Quite the opposite, in fact. All of the activities that you engage in on S4 can, if you wish, be automatically transferred over to the majority of large platforms. This means that all profiles remain up-to-date and that you don’t have to do without anything.

User Groups

In addition, with S4 you can determine the circle of users of your social network yourself. Define the availability of your profile exactly as you please. Share your information openly with all users of the community or keep it limited to a protected group of users, e.g. „woman to woman“, or for your children, „Kids & Teens“.